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Every buslifer or vandweller you ask will no doubt have an impassioned opinion on whether or not bathrooms are necessary in a vehicle conversion. For my boyfriend Aaron and me, it was a hard yes, but we have several friends who swear a bathroom isn't necessary and are perfectly content without one. There are so School Bus Conversion Bathrooms - Toilet, Shower and Plumbing Guide Read CRANK HANDLE DESIGN. Portable composting toilet with an easy-to-turn crank handle. Eco-friendly, easy to install, minimizes odor, and allows you to travel weeks without emptying. Building a composting toilet into your campervan conversion is a good way to feel at home and reduce the smell We currently have AirHead composting toilet in our school bus conversion and we are glad we went with this choice over Nature's Head. They both serve the same purpose but differ in size and features. Everyone's different, but we felt AirHead checked more of our boxes for the following reasons The Natures Head Composting Toilet is quickly becoming one of the more popular campervan toilets due to some advantages over the porta-potty described above. You fix it to the floor using a pair of brackets, hook up the toilet's van to a 12 volt power source and then run the ventilation hose to the outside of your van The cost of your skoolie conversion bathroom is based on what toilet you go with, if you do a shower or bathtub, and what materials you use to finish the bathroom. For example, a nature's head composting toilet costs about $1,000 while a DIY composting toilet can be made for about $50

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There are plenty of portable toilet options for campervan conversions, camping, or road trip adventures. We break down the best portable toilet for travel from chemical toilets to composting toilets, cassette toilets and basic bucket toilets. Check out this easy to read guide on travel toilet options Shuttle bus conversions are becoming extremely popular among van lifers. Buses are easy to find and cheap to buy, so they offer the perfect vehicle for a DIY conversion.. The rectangular shape and decent headroom of a shuttle bus conversion provide great living space We have curated a list of the top 15 school bus conversion ideas to inspire you in your build or the alternative living lifestyle! When we were designing our skoolie conversion, we went through so many different floor plans and layouts, were devouring school bus tours, and were searching all over Pinterest and Instagram to see what we wanted out of our school bus conversion This Double-Decker Bus Conversion Has Twice The Living Space. Charlie MacVicar and Luke Walker, a couple from the United Kingdom, live in a 544-square foot double-decker bus, and they couldn't be happier. Since they moved into their bus conversion in 2018, the once newbies to RV and tiny home living have created a fully-functioning abode

MySanAntonio. The bus's Spartan interior design starts at the front, where a small, stone-lined fireplace fills the dash. The lower part of the bus's walls are lined with long grain knotty pine. Twelve inch square stone-look tiles cover the floor, while the sophisticated color palette features a creamy off white covering the bus's ceiling Jon and Amy bought a charming 2001 Ford E450 Blue Bird Micro Bus and converted it into a short bus conversion for going on their off-grid adventures. The exterior is painted in army-green. Inside, there's a couch that doubles as a slide-out bed, a kitchenette, a platform bed and a composting toilet The drain for the kitchen sink has a way to go, out from under the floor channel then up and over the buses frame. Down the length of the frame. You can see the bundle of pneumatic hoses for brakes, throttle, air tanks, etc. that go up the center of the bus. This seemed the best place to put the trap of the kitchen sink Well, we take you through some best short bus camper conversion ideas to get you started from scratch up: 1. Choosing the bus/van. Choosing the bus or van that you will be converting into a camper is the first and vital step that you have to do. There are just so many types of vehicle models out there for you to choose from I broke the composting toilet (funnel) with my head and we had to fix it so I figured what better time to introduce our pooper than now. We are happy with it..

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Short Bus conversions are rising in popularity due to their overall size, ease of conversion and low purchase price. You can often find a Short Bus for sale between $3,000 & 10,000. This allows those with a smaller budget to get something relatively inexpensive that they can convert at much lower entry point. Let's take a look at some short bus conversions so that you can get an idea of just. Converting a school bus into a tiny house may be the ultimate example of upcycling. You take an otherwise retired school bus and turn it into a traveling home that is sustainable, minimalist, and off-grid. We've found some of the world's best school bus conversions that may even inspire you to invest in your own bus 1971 Silver Eagle 15,000.00 or best offer This bus conversion has been used for the past 4 years by a well known Gospel group in North Carolina Powered by a Detroit V8 71 Diesel on a 5 speed Allison automatic transmission Exterior colors are green and silver with a neutral and wood interior Both transmission and engine have been rebuilt. Many of these conversion buses have also been designed for use as tour buses. With bunk beds and plenty of room, your band can travel to all your shows and have their own home-away-from-home wherever they may go. For any use you may have, you will find motorcoach and RV conversion buses for sale here to suit your needs Automatic Bus Toilet Cabin. Ideal for large buses. Fully self contained with mirror, integrated waste bin,water tank,waste tank,toilet seat,sink, light. Latest version of technology. Fits any bus. Simple to install & compact. Easy to use. Light in weight. For long travel buses, caravans, vanity vans, medical vans, etc

13. Looks Good Leaving. Since as many people see the Clipper bus-turned RV-from the back as do from the front, it is nice to have a good looking rear. Rear View. For this reason, a custom ceramic-coated header chrome exhaust system was installed. Pedestrians can enjoy the view coming and going Today, the bus is parked right next to our house and used as a guest house. If you're ready to embark on your school bus adventure, grab my free guide, DIY Skoolie: Things to consider before starting your school bus conversion

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Image via DirtOrcas. Our top pick is this compost toilet by Nature's Head which is easy to install and only needs to be emptied every 6 weeks when two people are using it.. In terms of electrics, the sample principles apply as with a standard van conversion. Calculate how much electricity you'll require on a daily basis and what size battery you need A composting toilet and only a grey water tank (we use all natural/biodegradable toiletries) seemed to be the best fit for our environmental concerns. see all of the New England states, Canada, the PNW, and eventually relocate to San Francisco. But, as most things with bus conversions go, the plans have changed

Read on to learn more about some of the best must-visit bus conversions in the world. This bus is a fully private unit, which means it has a full bathroom, including a sawdust composting toilet and a small copper shower. Quaint, cute, and charming, this school bus can't help but impress Insulating the Floor. I did choose to insulate the floor on our bus conversion, something only short people have the benefit of doing unless you do a roof raise. Luckily Meag and I are both 5'6; well I'm 5'6 ¼ and Meag is 5'6. Yes, it matters. I used 1 ½ XPS glued to the floor then ½ subfloor ply glued to the XPS and.

A used bus can cost between $2,500 and $7,500 USD. Depending on the condition and spec of the bus they can be much more as a new bus can START at $50,000. We recommend that our clients stick to buses that are starting at the $7,500 area as they have a better foundation to start an expensive bus conversion on The roof of our bus is fairly unique as far as bus conversions go. One of the first things you might notice about our ceiling upon entering our bus is the 5-foot-long skylight in the middle of the kitchen and living room. If you go into the bathroom and look up, you'll see another long skylight

Off-Grid Cozy Short Bus Conversion For Sale. on November 27, 2020. Get into the full-time travel lifestyle without any DIY projects! This 2014 Ford E350 Shuttle Bus Conversion has everything you need to get on the road tomorrow. The fully off-grid short bus has everything you could need, including a tiny shower stall and a Nature's Head. Convert a Washed Up Shuttle Bus Into the Ultimate Family Adventure Mobile: This Instructable lays out the steps we took and hurdles we faced. It's worth mentioning we are in Canada and requirements for this kind of thing vary by state and province. Discrepancies we discovered will be pointed out, but do your own research The biggest investment of the project in most cases is at the very beginning. Be picky and take your time when choosing the right school bus for your conversion project, after all you'll be living in it in a matter of time. Facebook and Craglist are probably your best choice of finding a retired Cheavy in solid and usable condition Tyres - Check the tyres for acceptable tread, or any indication of uneven wear. Also have a look at the wheels/rims for any cracks or damage. Replacing 6 bus tyres isn't cheap. Chassis - As mentioned above, it is a good idea to check this for rust. This is the bones of the vehicle and you want it to be in good order This school bus conversion started with a $2,000 investment to buy an old school bus to turn it into a DIY motorhome. Not a bad way to get started, right? This 60-passenger bus has now been stripped down to its bones and transformed into a beautiful tiny home on wheels (with an engine!) for two lovely people

Best DIY Bus and Van Conversion ideas to watch out Living in vans and buses is quite popular among the millennial generation, who loves to be unique and attractive. Dreaming about living in bus and van conversion is only 1% of the job done because building a van or a bus into a comfortable living space is not a child's play Topped off with a flip down TV and a wood burning stove, this bus conversion has it all to be comfy everywhere, anytime! powering the bus conversion. Systems. - 400 watts of RV solar power. - 300 amp/hour battery bank. - DC to DC smart alternator charger. - 30 amp hour shore power. - 40,000 BTU furnace. - Hot water system Every bus conversion/skoolie is a custom creation so there is no exact blueprint for your conversion. Even the order in which you remove and add certain systems to your conversion will depend greatly on your bus style, budget, time, expertise, and personal preference The School Bus Conversion Guide | Building a Tiny Home On Wheels. Doing a school bus conversion is one of the most fulfilling yet challenging things that Erin and I have ever done together. This guide is designed to take you through the order we completed all the projects. If you're in the research stage to see if converting a school bus into.

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A toilet with exterior evacuation ; Our Maiden Voyage! Both excellent resources to help you decide what type of bus will suit you best, as well as help guide you thru the actual conversion process. Good luck to you! I am a single 45 y/o woman who has been wanting to do this bus conversion for a long while. I keep looking/reading. Easy fit furniture kits. Building beds and furniture into a camper conversion demands a level of carpentry skills. Our own Sprinter van conversion is built around an aluminium frame so we relied on our (Graham's) metal working skills.. But if you don't know a dovetail from a miter or one end of a claw hammer from a spirit level, building a camper interior is a tall ask A while back we built our custom Composting Toilet with the Kildwick Classic Separator. Now that we are ready to build out our bathroom and secure the toilet in place, we were able to add some upgrades to help eliminate unwanted smells.Many people think the poop bucket is the smelliest part of a composting toilet, Continue reading Kildwick Compost Toilet Upgrades for our BUS CONVERSION//12V. Toilet: $200 - 1,000 #4 - Search the Best Places to School Buses For Sale Often. When searching for a school bus to convert into a skoolie, Craigslist and eBay Motors are the first places most people go. However, you can easily fall into a trap of looking at some bad options or have trouble weeding through all the different listings

Planning school bus conversion ideas can save a lot of time, money, and headache. Instead of viewing our entire conversion as one big project, mentally it helps to break the entire project up into smaller projects. Doing this produces a definite starting and stopping point for each project, which gives us benchmarks to view along the way Transit Travel & Camper Examples. Ford Transit Low Roof - Penthouse top option available for Low Roof RB and EB Transits. Conversions for Sprinters can usually be adapted to the Transit and ProMaster vans. Some items shown may be additional cost options — such as awnings, running boards, microwaves, and larger refrigerators

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The toilet plinth area is approx. 400 x 640 (mm) and is located on the left hand side. Suits a variety of toilets. Commonly used is the Thetford 402C and the Thetford swivel toilet. Designed for the Post 07 Sprinter (and also used in a variety of vans): The approx. dimensions of this shower are: 1880H x 675D x 940W 4 window / 20 ft (short bus) - $3,000 to $5,000. Once you've found the perfect bus for your needs (you can decide on the right sized skoolie using this calculator ), then it's time to look into material costs for a school bus conversion. With a tiny house, you might spend $3,000 on a roof, $2-3,000 on walls, and an additional $200-300.

In January, we found two buses in our area. One was a finished school bus conversion, maybe not 100% perfect for our family, but pretty close. It was an hour west of us. I made an appointment to go see it. The other bus was a greyhound conversion. (That's a thing?!) It was an hour east. We made an appointment to go see that one too Up next on our list of the best camper vans we have something a bit different, a school bus conversion by Paved to Pines. The bus we're looking at today is a huge, classic American ex-school bus, aptly named 'The Cabin'. The Cabin is beautifully handmade with warm wooden cladding covering the walls and ceiling of the bus, making it feel.

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Also, because of their size, your storage is limited. But there are quite a few buses out there with pop tops for extra headroom. On the plus side, the Bus has good ground clearance and can handle itself well off-road. If you're going for street cred, the VW Bus will always be considered one of the best vans to live in Purchase your door conversion for $3,499.00 and have it professionally fitted by us. Secure your booking by making a 25% deposit today with the balance due on completion. This Conversion panel is profiled to the shape of the Coaster Bus (1994 - 2017 models) with an approved ADR door School Bus Conversion and Other Brilliant RV Conversion Ideas. This guide will give you the best school bus conversion and other brilliant RV conversion ideas. The cost for a Class A land yacht or even a simple travel trailer can be anywhere from $15,000 to $80,000 with the value depreciating the second you drive off of the lot The portable camping toilet we use is by no means the only option out there, nor is it the best choice for everyone. Here are a few other options that might be the best portable toilet for your van or RV. 2. Camco and Dometic. Both Camco and Dometic offer portable toilets very similar to our Thetford

The Bus - Pre Conversion. And so our unregistered 'dream' sat outside our front gate for another 2 years. Bus Interior - Pre Strip Out. Bus Interior - Stripped Out. An enthusiastic Dean stripped out the seats, cleaned it up, washed and polished it, got it re-complianced as a motorhome and gave it a run every week or so Jun 9, 2019 - Portable composting toilets are environmentally friendly, use little water and are easy to dump and clean. Our review of the best toilet for campervan is

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  1. Product description. Color: White. Durable and compact, Porta Potti 565E portable toilet makes an ideal companion whenever you're on the road. Works in RVs, trucks, vans or even when you're out camping, offering the comfort of a fully functional toilet. 565E model uses an electric flush pump and comes with removable seat and cover for easy.
  2. Jeff has been converting buses since 2009. In 2015, Custom Bus Conversions was born. He works with clients worldwide in consulting and building their buses. Down-to-earth and straight to the point describe Jeff's personality and teaching style
  3. 8 buses converted into gorgeous mobile homes perfect for adventure. 3 of 10. Renovated wood-lined school bus by architecture grad Hank Butitta Most architecture students submit a written thesis.

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Starting Your Skoolie Conversion. The bus we purchased is a 2001 International with a DT466e engine and an Allison 2000 automatic transmission. It had a little over 128k miles on it, was already painted grey and had the rear side handicap door we were looking for. We started our skoolie conversion where most people do, taking out the seats If you are dreaming of doing a school bus conversion, these youtubers will be sure to inspire you! We've collected 33 of the best skoolie vlogs on the web for your viewing pleasure. You'll find it all here - every vehicle is totally unique and one of a kind. Enjoy! 1. Tiny House School Bus 33 Must See School Bus Conversions on Youtube Read School Bus Conversion - $8000 (Blowing Rock) Bus is fully converted to a class C RV on title. Inspection papers and title in hand. $8,000 OBO. It is ready to live in and can be taken around the country if need be. The bus comes with a holding tank(for toilet/RV hookup), grey water tank, water heater, indoor plumbing and plastic insulation on w. This conversion has a wet bath with a composting toilet, plenty of storage, a separate kitchen area and raised bed in the back. John and Ina travel with their dog, Abbie. They have traveled most of the USA and even down into Mexico! Keep in mind, bus conversions are one of the many reasons an RV park may deny your reservation

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  1. The Most Popular Skoolie Toilet: Is the Compost Toilet I would say that 9 out of 10 of the Skoolie Homes clients choose a compost toilet. Compost toilets are a popular choice with skoolie owners because there is no black tank to dump. The toilet uses the composting process to break down waste, toilet paper, and the composting material. When.
  2. NOS split bus conversion front door striker plate 211-837-296A If you want to mount early/ ice pick handle doors on your late '64-'66 split bus with three screws for the striker plate, this is the striker plate you need. It will not bolt onto a 67 bus with two bolt holes for the striker plate. It is an actual NOS VW part
  3. last week Tucson, AZ Commercial Vehicles for Sale Offered 520-574-9344. This 1976 Bus conversion has had some of the customization completed. The ceiling and walls have been done exceptionally well. This is a fully self contained convrsion with all other basic conversion completed
  4. Make sure to check out the highlights on our page to see a full tour of the bus. Speedometer doesn't always read accurate. So, we use a mobile app just to be safe. $5,000 warrantee for the first year (we will reimburse up to $5k for any engine,transmission, electrical, plumbing, hvac, or propane issues)
  5. For SaleRUST FREE 1998 Bluebird All American Skoolie conversion.Awesome skoolie conversion with solid hardwood floors, cedar ceiling and pine walls. Kitchen, dining, living room couch, full size bed, toilet and shower. Unit has been re-insulated from the floors up and looks amazing..
  6. Bus Conversion Remodel - Skilled Labor Needed. (Green Mountain, NC) We're remodeling a conversion Ford e350 housecar/RV and need some experienced help to help finish the project. This is our first remodel/conversion and can assist but need someone with experience to lead the remodel. It's a small space and the building site isn't level

Check out @dayzea on IG for more inspiration-same model as Stevie and incredible rebuild. As you will see if you check her out there is a lot of space left to add a stove and a shower/toilet if you wanted to do that. The lounge area in the rear converts to a memory foam Queen Plus (longer than a standard queen!) for sleeping We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I have just done a conversion in my RV from a dometic Vt 2500. We have a Dometic Sealand electric toilet in our Allegro Bus, a 42' motor home from Tiffin Motorhomes. It has no power and won't flush My Thetford Tecma silence plus Toilet drains: tomd85208: Monaco Owner's Forum: 2: 07-12-2014 07:57 PM: No Water into Tecma Silence Plus Toilet: ChrisKW: Class A Motorhome Discussions: 3: 01-20-2014 10:44 PM: Tecma silence plus toilet: a johnson: Fleetwood Owner's Forum: 2: 06-17-2012 05:40 P

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  1. Home Videos DIY School Bus Conversion With Shower & Toilet - Clever Budget Build Hacks. DIY School Bus Conversion With Shower & Toilet - Clever Budget Build Hacks. Dec 30, 2020 comments off. Below are three things to think about when shopping for the best residence strategy
  2. 286 members in the shuttle4buslife community. Have a Shuttle or Turtle top bus that you have or are currently converting into an RV? Got questions
  3. Who Drives the Bus? We both do. As part of the conversion process we each upgraded our licenses from a class C to a class B license. and flushing the toilet. Another option is to look for public auctions in which case a school district might be selling a bus they no longer use. Our best advice for getting started is to research engines.
  4. Any toilet installed in a motorhome must be emptied into a tank. So this means, it cannot just go straight to the ground! The tank must be vented to the atmosphere. Any sink or shower needs to drain into a tank that also vents to the atmosphere. It cannot drain into a toilet, or the same tank as the toilet waste goes into
  5. Some bus conversions are built upon buses dating back to the 1950s and run for several years. Tips Before Doing My Own Bus Conversion. A bus conversion isn't something you want to do on a whim or without a game plan. Start by flipping through a bus conversion magazine or pictures online to get a feel for what you want your bus to look like
  6. Requirements for Shuttle Bus Conversion Insurance . There are multiple challenges for insuring a shuttle bus conversion. Although many insurance providers offer liability insurance, most are not willing to offer comprehensive insurance because of risks such as inexperienced workers for DIY conversions; lack of inspections that may lead to electrical or water damage; and the age of the vehicle.
  7. The Conversion. Stage 1: Demolition We started with ripping out all 26 benches. As far as demolition goes, many school bus converters stop here and build on top of existing walls and floors. We opted to rip out the ceiling, walls, and floors to ensure the bus would be properly re-insulated and mold free

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Catherine calls it Apt84, and she has built it with help of a builder friend, Jose Rivera. She has spent $25,000 to turn a school bus into a 225-square-foot home complete with a kitchenette, a bathroom with shower, a bedroom to sleep four adults and two kids and an exciting rooftop deck. Heating and air-conditioning facilities are included to. To My Bus Conversion. In 1981, I joined the Air Force and was assigned to Altus AFB, OK. While there, I worked on the C-141 Starlifter. I lived there for 3 years. In 1984, I received my first assignment overseas which was in Kadena AFB, Japan (the Island of Okinawa). I worked on C-5's, C-141's and C-130's. After 3 years, I decided it was. The conversion was done by Creative in 2005 and was built on a 1978 GMC RTS III chassis. Featuring granite countertops, a flatscreen TV with DVD player and surround sound, and a memory foam bed along with newly reupholstered couches. The transmission has just 600 miles on it, and the Detroit 8V71 diesel engine has only 51,000 miles, with 57,000.

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Those of you already living bus life are all too familiar with the challenges Covid-19 has presented to nomadic life. With many campgrounds, RV parks, and even BLM land closed, finding a place to park the last several months has been difficult for many. Many places to refill water tanks turned their taps off School bus conversions, custom buses, custom rv's Van conversions, Skoolie conversions. the rolling donkey. compost toilet, med cabinet. metal and barn wood combo. With our ideas and ethics in mind, we've been able to create many beautiful, unique tiny homes for some of America's best families Last week I gave you my opinion, but this week I offer practical, serviceable solutions. Here are the five best toilet and shower alternatives to a full bathroom in your camper van or RV. A bathroom-free custom Sprinter van converted by Sportsmobile. See more, this way. Photo by Lucy Beaugard Cassette Toilet. Pros: Most similar to a regular toilet The things I keep hearing are: #1 The school bus needs to be titled as a motorhome. #2 The driver needs a good driving record. (If you have had an accident and tickets in the past 3 years it will be harder to get insurance and it will cost more.) #3 You must live in a state that allows school bus insurance coverage by the company From a 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound that's been converted into a home fit for a king, to a 90-seat double decker turned mobile chateau, bus-to-mobile-home conversions are more popular than ever.

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This bus is an extremely unique find. You can walk into the new and unused kitchen environment and start a restaurant with an Ambience that no one else can offer. The glass roof slides giving customers both a covered and uncovered sitting area where the candlelight dances off of the woodwork. In the beautifully outfitted kitchen with stainless steel all around there would not be a limit to the. Toilet choices for a school bus conversion came down to a household style with a black tank under the bus. Or a composting toilet. We talk about the reasons and the benefits of a composting toilet in another article. The Natures Head Composting Toilet for us is perfect. But at $1300 Aussie bucks? Damn that thing is expensive. But it was one of.

We Turned An American School Bus Into A Hostel On Wheels220 Best Trailer conversion to a Camper ideas | camperVariobad | Camper ideen, Kastenwagen in wohnmobil umbauDodge ProMaster Camper Conversion Ideas | Dodge camper vanThis Public Bus Runs Entirely On Human Poop Converted Intosmall travel trailers for sale | Camper Photo Gallery40-Foot Carpenter School Bus Rebuilt By 8 College Students

I'm just wondering what van would be best to start off on I'm wanting a swb, I was going to get a mini bus for the windows but finding it hard to get one. I'm not bothered about putting a toilet or shower in as il be using it on campsites, just beds, cooker, sink and storage. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Repl Best seats on the bus (Picture: Manjula Cote / SWNS.COM) A couple who bought and revamped a bus during lockdown have now put the vehicle on the market for £45,000 Demolition and conversion. General Motors produce several series of school busses branded by Chevrolet. The GMC B series with models from 1966, 1984 and 1992 will suit your requirements, the best options for purchasing one is on Craig List with a price range of $7000 - $9000. For this project, you will need a range variety of tools, and. We also have a lot of copper going like I said. It's it's a theme throughout the entire bus. We have the nature's head composting toilet and we absolutely love it. We don't have a black water tank. It's super easy to maintain and clean and we would not change that so props for the nature's head toilet. our water storage is in here as well Because of age and mileage, the bus would be best used if parked somewhere permanently. If you're local to the Bloomington, IL area we can drive it to you. Visit roguecarrots.com for more pictures. The gentleman we bought our skoolie from completely redid the conversion of a 1973 Crown 40 foot coach in 2001-2002