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Top Selection of Pet Supplies. Get Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Get Top Products With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay. Looking For Great Deals? We Have Almost Everything on eBay Wood board horse fencing is a traditional horse fencing system that has been around for years. Our true-cut oak boards and CCA treated posts are a great combination for board fencing. (800) 434-845 Wood corrals are particularly popular, especially on properties where pasture perimeter fencing is wire or electric and the property owner is looking for a more classic look for their corrals or round pens; nothing delivers a classic Americana look as well as rustic wood fence. Designing a horse corral doesn't have to be a tedious process Over the last 30 years of installing wood fencing, oak is our recommended wood of choice, as it is more difficult for horses to chew and will hold up better than most other wood. Oak board fencing will warp and crack somewhat, sometimes within days or over many years, but that is the nature of all wood. A well-maintained oak fence, if boards.

To help protect the fence from chewing horses, and for high-traffic areas, we recommend installing electric fence with your board horse fence. We also recommend any wood or posts to be dry before painting. Size: 1 x 6 x 16'. Break Strength: 600-800 lbs. Features: True-Cut, High-Quality, Rough-Cut Oak Keepsafe Horse Fence has unequalled linear strength and a springy texture. The vertical wires run diagonally to form the strongest possible 2x4 diamond mesh. The galvanized wire is made in the U.S. with 100% American steel. Square Deal Non-Climb Fence features 12 1/2-gauge, galvanized steel line wires, and 10-gauge top-and-bottom wires Wooden Board Fences: It's hard to top the beauty and presence of a wooden board fence, which brings to mind images of lush pastures and galloping Thoroughbreds in the heart of Kentucky. Wooden board fences are strong and safe for farm horses, and it's hard to beat their visibility—there's almost no way a horse can avoid seeing a board. Derby's HDPE 3-rail fencing is long-lasting, safe for animals and can withstand severe weather conditions that other fencing products, such as PVC, Vinyl or wood, will not. Our HDPE three rail fence system for horses, farms, livestock, cattle, ranches and pastures has become the trusted product for large animal containment and for good reason A horse fence is a beautiful addition to your property. Buckley Fence has the Horse fencing to fit your farm or ranch needs. Call Today 877-306-4024

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  1. Horse fencing turns open ground into a corral where horses can be safely pastured. Aesthetically, wood or brown vinyl/PVC horse fence creates the rustic feel of a ranch. White horse fencing gives the property the appearance of an estate where horses are part of a comfortable, leisurely lifestyle
  2. Fence Materials. We Supply Authentic Kentucky Fencing Materials. Lumber Yard Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm. As of January 2015, Blue Grass Treated Wood closed their Distribution Center in Nicholasville, KY. The Thoroughbred Center has taken this opportunity to carry on their exceptional service and quality by.
  3. Most horse owners combine electric-fence systems with conventional fences whether wood, PVC plastic, wire mesh, or high-tensile smooth wire to act as a deterrent and keep horses from pushing, climbing, chewing, or other- wise testing a fence

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  1. g part of fence building and is absolutely the most critical to the long-term success of the fence
  2. Convenient & Traditional Horse Fence Sizing. Derby Fence is manufactured in typical lumber sizes. Because Derby fence is hollow it is lighter and easier to work with than wood fencing. An HDPE rail weighs about as much as a wooden rail of the same dimensions, and a post weighs about one quarter as much as solid wood of the same dimensions
  3. $$$ - Wood Horse Fencing. $5 to $10 installed price per foot; Average life expectancy: 10 to 15 years; Physical Barrier Only. Wood 3- or 4-rail horse fencing is a traditional horse fencing choice that is attractive and sturdy. Boards can splinter and injure horses that lean or run through the fence
  4. g such popular choices for fencing materials. Mesh horse fencing usually has a vertical pattern so that the horses can't step through the fence, called walking down. Horses.
  5. Horse Fence - Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Horse Fence contractor — estimates are typically free, unless it's a service call for a repair. Expect the Horse Fence prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head
  6. Rail fencing is popular on horse farms. Oak, locust, pine, spruce and hemlock are other options for wood horse fencing. Oak is the traditional horse fencing wood because of its durability. It is also very safe for those horses that chew on their fence. Locust is another hardwood that is environmentally safe and does not require treating

In-Ground Post Decay Protection, 6642. Fortress Athens Three-Rail Aluminum Line Post, Black, 2 in. x 6 ft., For Athens 4 ft. Flush Top/Bottom Fence Panels, 4032072443M. Post Protector 6 in. x 6 in. x 60 in. In-Ground Post Decay Protection, 6660. Post Protector 4 in. x 4 in. x 42 in. In-Ground Post Decay Protection, 4442 Are you looking for Horse Fence Ideas? Yeah, you come in the right place. HOMEPPINESS brings you not only latest news and information about home design with. This category includes fences made from treated and/or painted wooden planks nailed or screwed to posts, split rails with rounded ends that slide into holes in posts, PVC plastic boards, and wooden boards coated with vinyl. If a horse runs into a rail or plank fence, the fence is not likely to cause physical harm unless the collision is hard. The fence post is the foundation of the fence, so its importance cannot be overemphasized. The common element in virtually all successful horse fences is a wooden post. Setting posts represents the hardest work and the most time-consuming part of fence building, and is absolutely the most critical to the long-term success of the fence

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Search from Wood Horse Fence stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else But as soon as the horse goes through barbed wire, it's a meat cutter and it's no good, and it should be outlawed for every horse. So on the high tensile steel fence line where my colt sliced his foot, I put up 2×4 inch wire mesh, on the pasture side, covering up the steel wire and the wooden fence Wood Fencing. The most traditional fencing is wooden rails—either log or planks. Cedar logs are often used, as are two-by-ten-inch planks held with posts that are a minimum of four inches in diameter. Injuries to horses can occur when logs or rails splinter if broken. Some horses like to chew wood and can damage wood fencing 5/8 in. x 5-1/2 in. x 6 ft. Premium Select Quality Japanese Red Cedar Fence Pickets Dog-Ear, Full Pallet (560-Pickets

Highly visible and strong, wood fences can be expensive to install and can require a lot of maintenance. Weather and horse teeth can take a toll on even the most well-constructed board fence, necessitating regular repair and replacement of boards Board Fence . Poplar Board Fence is ideal if you want a rustic, wood fence look. It is easy to install and repair. Drawbacks are the high costs of wood products, which make up most of the fence materials. Life expectancy is not as long as other fence types, but using an offset electric wire to prevent cribbing may extend the life Horse Fencing Prices. Horse fencing averages between $2,075 and $2,230, including labor and materials.. The total costs to install a fence can be as little as $1,675 or as much as $2,500, depending on the type of fence chosen.High-tensile wire fencing is the least expensive option at $3.50 to $8 per foot.Pipe fencing costs $10 to $15 per foot, including installation Wood horse fences are strong and durable. They can be stained or painted to provide extra protection from the harsh winter elements and from insects, as well as bringing the aesthetic you want. Some of the most popular wood fence options include: Post and Rail Fence

VAT and customs duties are included. Get everything you need to secure your horse fence. Discover our wide range of quality products and shop now on electric-fence.co.uk Designed for ranch and farm applications, General Timber's pressure treated wood horse fencing may be among the most satisfying and practical investments you make for your property. Built to last, the boards, posts, and rails we produce come with quality-assurance and a clean conscience, thanks to the earth-friendly way we have done business.

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  1. Mossy Oak Fence (407) 900-2940. 271 Southridge Industrial Dr. Tavares, FL 3277
  2. That will help the wood fence last a long time. Chicken wire protection is very cheap compared to replacing chewed-up boards, posts or poles. A roll of wire will cover a lot of fencing when cut into proper-size strips. Staples and a staple gun will be another expense, as will your time, as are chewing-deterrent sprays or liquids
  3. Fence Height. The industry standard for horse fencing height is 54˝(1.5m). In the case of an arena/turnout lot/coral where pressure on the animal is greater and tendency to jump is higher, we suggest that post height be increased to 5´to 6´(1.5 to 2m). Whatever height is chosen, the appropriate post length must be used
  4. Discover the distinctive difference you can see for yourself that this lumber is of the highest quality, every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Lifetime limited residential warranty. Safe and environmentally friendly, ideal for horse fencing and other agricultural uses. 1 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft
  5. Wood is probably the most popular fencing option but if your horse is a cribber or likes to chew the wood this isn't going to be the best solution for you. Whereas if your horse likes to squeeze his head into the smallest of gaps then a mesh fence will be perfect for you

Board Fence is usually a 3 or 4 board layout with 4 x 4 or 4 x 6 post assembled from either smooth or rough sawn pressure teated wood. Horizontal fence rails are typically full 1 inch thick by 6 inch wide lumber but can be conventional 2 x 6 lumber as purchased from a big box store. Normal finished height is 48 inches, but a 4 board post and. For 70 years, CCA-treated wood has been specified in a wide variety of applications.It has significant advantages over alternative building products:Uses a renewable 1x6x16 Corral Board 106SPP-16 JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser Wooden rail fence is a popular variety of horse fence. It is attractive, traditional and relatively inexpensive. The downside to a wood fence is that it requires maintenance upkeep to keep it looking good. If its painted, it requires regular painting. Horses can and will break boards and can run through a wood fence if spooked

With experienced carpenters, Sterling builds every horse fence on site to properly fit the terrain. We use #1 grade boards in the construction of all wood fences. Located in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, Sterling Fence, Inc. offers a free wood fencing quote. Get Started Today! Get a Free Quote Call: 952.888.6843 Download Our Product Lis Surround your property with products you can trust by using Culpeper Wood pressure treated fencing. Rough fence boards are typically used for agricultural settings such as cattle farms and horse ranches but look beautiful in any setting. Culpeper offers a variety of options to meet any need. Rough Fence Boards. Available in Horse Fence Information. Electric Fence For Horses, HDPE Fencing For Horses, Steel Horse Fencing, Vinyl Horse Fence, Wood Horse Fencing, Portable Horse Fencing and Horse Fence Supplies and all horse owners fence options are here. With several varieties of Fencing for Horses available, horse owners are able to carefully select a fence for their.

3 ft. 3 in. x 132 ft. Field Fence The FARMGARD 3 ft. 3 in. x 132 ft. Field The FARMGARD 3 ft. 3 in. x 132 ft. Field Fence is perfect for containing farm livestock and features smaller mesh openings near the ground to prevent hoof injuries from animals stepping through the fence. The fence is manufactured using Class 1 galvanized steel, woven rather than welded, with expansion crimps to help. If you were to think of a horse fence likely the first image that would pop in your head would be of a horse rail fence. Horse rail fences are completely composed with wood - often cedar - and involve horizontal planks and vertical posts. In a typical horse rail fence, three horizontal pickets are added to the vertical posts with gaps in. You Save $13.75 with Mail-In Rebate. More Information. Shipping. ADD TO CART. Click here to go to. 5'10 x 3'3 Cedar Diamond Lattice Top Wood Gate. detail page. 5'10 x 3'3 Cedar Diamond Lattice Top Wood Gate. Click to add item 5'10 x 3'3 Cedar Diamond Lattice Top Wood Gate to the compare list

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Mar 31, 2021 - Mossy Oak Fence offers a wide range of customizable horse fences, perfect for containing large areas of livestock or setting property boundaries. We offer both vinyl and wood ranch rail fencing, in a variety of colors and stains. You can choose between the 2 rail, 3 rail, 4 rail, split rail or crossbuck styles, or request a free quote online to see how you can customize your. Horse Fencing Suggestions. Wood Post and Board fencing is a traditional farm fence still in high demand today and I have installed countless miles of this type fencing in the North Georgia area. North Georgia Fence Company is always glad to help with any style new fence installation or with repairs and enlargements of any older fences It is essential to select the right enclosure to contain your horse effectively and reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury. The best equestrian fence is constructed of mesh, which is made by weaving wire into specific spacing and using knots to secure the wire intersections

Wood • PVC • Pipe • Cable. Traditional three- and four-board wood fence is a classic look for horse fence. Advantages — Post and rail fencing is attractive, sturdy and relatively long-lasting. It is usually easy for horses to see these boundaries. Disadvantages — Whether the construction is wood, vinyl or metal, these fences are rigid THE FRECKLED FROG Wooden Fences - Set of 4 - Ages 12m+- More Than 6 ft (2 inches high) of Toy Corral Fences for Imaginative Play with Toy Horses, Farms, Action Figures and Role Play Activities. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 13. $21.98

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Wood Post and Rail Fencing. Wood post and rail fencing is the beautiful fencing that we associate with old horse country properties in Kentucky and one the East Coast. Originally, wood fencing was a source of pride and a status symbol. The more rails that could be maintained beautifully, the more resources and money the farm owner typically had Highlights: Finish Line Fences, Run-ins, Shelters, Deer Fence Construction, 2, 3 & 4 Rail Wood Horse Fence Construction, Centaur Polymer Fencing, Preifert, Custom Fence Entry Gates, 2, 3 & 4 Rail Vinyl Horse Fence Construction. Saddle View Fence Corp Clear Spring, MD Brian Reiff has been in the fencing business for most of his life, but if you ask him to build you a fence, he'll just throw you a bunch of questions. 'The first thing I do is ask what kind of animal the fence will house, how important aesthetics are and how much you want to spend, says Reiff, owner of Profence, a family-run fencing company in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. 'Most people like. Vinyl Fencing Products • Full Line of Vinyl Fencing Products • Due to Limitless Variations, Each Order is Handled on Case by Case Basis • Standard Horse Fence 1.5 x 5.5 & 2x6 Rail • Standard Horse Fence Posts are 3 & 4 Rail 5x5 Posts • Gates Built to Match Fence Using All Stainless Hardwar

Wood Ranch Fences with Horse Wire: Adding horse wire, field wire, or mesh wire to a wooden fence adds a layer of protection for horses and livestock. The smaller holes keep out pets and predators, and with a no-climb wire you can be sure your horse doesn't get entangled with steel mesh The good old post & rail fence (sometimes referred to as a board fence) is still by far my personal favorite. I love design, elegance, and simplicity and the board fence has all the above. It is a piece of art that can't be reduced to a science. Posts are spaced every eight feet and typically three or four boards run horizontally Corral your horses at home or on-the-go with Breyer's Wood Corral. 11 sections make a total length of 8 feet, allowing for lots of room to play! Fencing folds up for easy travel and storage, and linked sections mean no pieces to lose! New (15) from $12.99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon Wood Horse Fencing. Wood Post and Rail Horse Fencing: Often a favorite for farm owners because it is attractive, functional and traditional, wood post and rail fencing is created with two, three or four wooden rails. Rails vary in size (2x4, 2x6 and 2x8 planks are most common) and are treated and painted for long life If you're looking for a more traditional type of horse fence, then you should consider the classic Kentucky fence. A Kentucky fence is simply a wood post and rail fence that uses older lumber or aged wood. Post holes are dug into the ground and posts are inserted. Then wooden rails are either nailed or notched to create a more rural and.

The installation of horse fencing can be time-consuming and cost-intensive. With proven techniques, you can make sure you get it right the first time. Article by eHow. 98. Small Fence Front Yard Fence Farm Fence Dog Fence Cedar Fence Pallet Fence Fence Stain Horizontal Fence Bamboo Fence The most common type of fencing used to contain horses is a wooden board fence, or a post and rail fence. Other options include wire mesh fencing, vinyl fences, electrified horse tape fences, or a combination of the above. No matter what type of fence you decide to erect, the basic common structural element of any horse fence is the posts. So. This beautiful mocha walnut vinyl horse fencing is the strongest vinyl horse fence manufactured today! Available in 2 Rail, 3 Rail, and 4 Rail configurations. Now you can have the beautiful look of a dark brown wood grain fence, combined with the durability and long life of vinyl in one amazing product Horse Fence. The Pros and Cons of Common Horse Fencing Options. Horse fencing options are as varied as horse breeds. From the traditional wood rail fences, electric hotwire to the high tech plastic fences all have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to horse fence.In this article we look at a variety of horse fences from a horse owner's perspective

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composite wood horse fence . Composite Horse Fence - Alibaba 219 Results Composite Horse Fence, Buy Various High Quality Composite Horse Fence Products from Global Pressure Treated Wood Type: Heat Treated. Best Materials to Make a Horse Fence | DoItYourself When it comes to making a horse fence Get pric Professional Fencing Solutions. Our company is a fence contractor that carries out various repairs and other types of work. We can service all sorts of fences, including: Cattle Fences; Horse Fences; Plastic and Metal Fences; Driveway Gates; Wood Fences; And Many Other; Learn more on our services page. From A to Vintage 60s 70s MARX TOYS Toy Wooden Fence / Animal Farm Horse Fence / 6 Pieces PowerPuffVintage. From shop PowerPuffVintage. 5 out of 5 stars (107) 107 reviews. Sale Price $9.53 $ 9.53 $ 19.07 Original Price $19.07 (50% off).

AAA CUSTOM FENCEOneonta, AL. We sell and install farm rail fencing, field fencing, barbed or barbless wire, residential and commercial chainlink or wood privacy fencing. Quality service at affordable prices is our standard. Highlights: Steel Pipe Rail Fence, 2, 3 & 4 Rail Vinyl Horse Fence Construction, Red Brand Non-Climb, Pasture Maintenance. You'll find that three rail wood round rail fencing is also a good option for more than just decorative purposes. It can work well with property owners who have livestock, including horses and sheep. Because the third rail is closer to the ground than with two rail fences, smaller animals can be fenced in, as well Get 2021 Horse Fence price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Horse Fence cost guide breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Horse Fence material pricing and installation cost estimates Tan horse fence, Clay Horse Fence and even Gray Horse Fencing used for vinyl post and rail fence, split rail fencing and farm fencing, plus in Winter 2022 we should have our mocha walnut wood grain horse fence (click here to view), white crossbuck fencing (click here to view), and matching heavy duty gates (click here to view). If you have a. Treated wood or heavy wire panel fences are preferred. Sheep Fences for sheep do not have to be as tall as for cattle, but sheep have other special requirements. Predator control is more important. Electric fences are particularly useful for discouraging predators such as dogs and coyotes. Barbed wir

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Using recycled motor oil and diesel fuel to create your own cheap wood stain. Farmer's fence secret exposed! BTW each time you do it, it gets a lil darker... Wood Fencing - Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Wood Fencing contractor — estimates are typically free, unless it's a service call for a repair. Expect the Wood Fencing prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head Below are some general requirements. For specific post spacing recommendations in animal applications, check out our animal fence application page. General Post Spacing Requirements. Fence Type. Post Spacing. Barbed Wire (High Tensile) up to 30' w/ stays. Barbed Wire (Low Carbon) 12-15' The Simple Horse Fence System Designed for your horse. With you in mind. Sales & Support 800-822-5426. Search. 0. Search. Home; Products Wood Post Products T-Post Products Vinyl Post Products Electric Fence Products Accessories Installation Installation Instructions. For horses that are cribbers or wood chewers, posts treated with copper naphthenate (Cu-nap) are the safest if horses actually ingest the wood. To discourage horses from these habits, owners can install a single line of electrically charged wire along the top of the fence. Using treated wood for feed storage bins where feed products are in.

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A Kentucky fence is a common name for fences used on ranches or along pastures or hay fields. A Kentucky fence is also commonly referred to as a wooden horse fence or a paddock fence. They are rustic and give a sense of country or Western charm to any landscape or home Custom Wood Fence, Chain Link Fence, Vinyl Fence, Horse Fence, Aluminum Fence available across the Carolina's. We are a family-owned business that has served both residential and commercial customers in North and South Carolina, since 2001.All Wood Fence s are built custom by hand with only the best Wood Fence products available Horse Fence Design Using Wood Wood beams can be an expensive option, but such fencing is also relatively low-maintenance and long-lived, so it may ultimately be more cost-effective

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A Ranch Rail fence, also known as Horse Fence, Farm Fence, Field Fencing or Board Fence, is becoming much more popular throughout the mid-west.Ranch Rail fences look equally at home in city neighborhoods, country mountain settings, or large farms to keep livestock and pets within their property borders Fence & Fencing Options For Horse Farms. Black, 4-board fencing is the classic Kentucky look that prevails throughout the Bluegrass. This isn't a coincidence, and there are very practical reasons behind this popular fence choice. Let's talk about some of the elements that make (or break) a great horse fence Horse fence material. For the construction of a horse fence we use Okan. This tropical wood species has several properties that make it suitable for use as fencing. Okan has durability class 1, so you can be sure the wood will serve its purpose for a long time. Due to its natural hardness, horses will be less inclined to gnaw on it

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Our reclaimed cladding comes from Kentucky barns and horse fences. All products from this line are native hardwoods. These 100 year old equestrian horse fence and barn products are made in partnership with Urban Evolutions. The species of this product vary, but most of it is oak, elm, ash, etc. Being that these are hard woods, you can expect a. Wood Fence Posts and Poles, Wood Fencing. 4″-5″X8′ Pressure Treated Tapered Fence Posts. $12.49. Call for volume discount! 4-5x8' Pressure Treated Tapered Fence Posts. Add to cart. Wood Fence Posts and Poles, Wood Fencing. 5″-6″X7′ Pressure Treated Tapered Fence Posts. $13.09. Call for volume discount! 5-6X7' Pressure Treated.

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Some horse owners swear by wood board fencing only, but others may like woven wire fencing. Fencing has one primary job - enclosing a dedicated space to keep horses safe. Bob Coleman, Ph.D., a state extension specialist at the University of Kentucky, states that a fence should be able to keep horses on your side of the property line With Outdoor Essentials ® pressure-treated wood fencing, use hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, polymer-coated, silicon bronze or copper fasteners. These fasteners vary in price and durability, so choose the one best suited to your application. There are a variety of preservatives used for pressure-treating and they vary depending on the. Wood fencing, which may consist of wooden posts with plank boards or rounded wooden poles, is a traditional choice for horse properties. Different types of wood may be used---pine versus hardwoods, for example. Many people paint wood fences, both to protect the wood as well as for aesthetic reasons, but they can also be left natural

Purchase treated wood. Choose a sturdy, weather-resistant wood. You'll need two gateposts, plus enough wood to build your gate. For a typical horse, each post should be at least 8 feet (2.4 meters) long, so it stands about 5.3 ft (1.6m) above the ground Toy Wood Corral, Fence, Horse Barn Yard, Pasture Fencing, Animal Fencing, Pretend Play ToysMade2Last. 5 out of 5 stars (38) $ 34.99. Favorite Add to Split Rail Fence myhandmadetoy. 5 out of 5 stars (1,301) $ 26.50 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Schleich & Breyer Horse Classic scale wooden corral - pasture fence - recycled wood 3 tall 5' length. Considered the traditional horse fence, the black fences are commonly referred to as Kentucky style fences, which are post and board fences. The posts are typically round wood posts and the rails are board planks nailed to the posts. The fences are usually constructed with either 3 or 4 rails and are painted black and/or coated with creosote horse banner - wood horse fence stock illustrations. boy and his horse - wood horse fence stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. This is a thoroughbred horse farm, It is called the Donamire Farm, A white wooden fence winds throughout the farm for the horses to run in. beautiful farmland with windmills and horses - wood horse fence stock.

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PVC Vinyl Fencing - Vinyl vs Wood Horse Fences. Wood has been a popular material for horse fences. However, the high cost of maintaining and repairing the fence has made horse owners look for alternative materials. Rotting, fading and warping are common for a wood horse fence. Required regular maintenance and replacement of rotten posts and. 2,414 horse fence wood products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which fencing, trellis & gates accounts for 25%, other animal husbandry equipment accounts for 8%, and other horse products accounts for 1%. A wide variety of horse fence wood options are available to you, such as pvc, pp Wood and Wire Fence also offers a 3 year warranty on labor and Materials. Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. of 125 Higginson Avenue, Lincoln, RI 02865 is a proud dealer of these fine fence products in: Greater Rhode Island & Southeastern Massachusetts. Please Check Out the Product Websites for Photos, Brochures, Tech Specs, and General Product. Family owned and operated since 1957, you can trust Fence Craft of Upland, Inc. to provide quality materials that we can stand behind. We proudly offer the experience, reputation and security of a fence company that is licensed with the State of California (License #220653). Whether you need a fence installed, repaired, or just need to purchase.