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Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Click the File Manager tab on the home page if it's not selected by default then click Photos. Browse then select the photos you wish to transfer, click the Export button and select a file location to save the photos The Best Way to Transfer Photos from iPhone to HP Laptop - AnyTrans. AnyTrans is an excellent iOS data transfer tool that enables users to import all kinds of photos from iPhone to HP laptop.Including photos in Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Photo Shares, and Album Here are the steps to follow while Uploading Photos from iPhone to Laptop using Bluetooth: Go to 'Control Panel' from your Windows Laptop. Click on 'Bluetooth' button. Now click on 'Add Wireless device' Step 3: Open Photos App on your laptop, click the Import button and choose to import from your iPhone. Step 4: Then Photos will load all the photos and videos on your iPhone. When it has finished, you can choose to transfer all photos from your iPhone to your HP laptop or just copy some pictures from your iPhone to the computer

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  1. If you are looking to transfer your images or any other files from your phone wirelessly, you can simply turn your Bluetooth options on from your PC and then connect via your phone. Most newer computers will have the option for Bluetooth. These instructions are for both a Windows PC or a MAC
  2. Tap Settings on your iPhone. Tap General, followed by Bluetooth. Push the Bluetooth slider to On. Click your computer's Windows Start button
  3. On your PC, select the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app. Select Import > From a USB device, then follow the instructions. You can pick the items you want to import and select where to save them. Allow a few moments for detection and transfer
  4. Open the app on your computer, click the Discover Devices button, then select your phone. You can select either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to run the transfer. On your phone, authorize the connection. Your..
  5. Use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer files like photos to and from your mobile devices without incurring data charges. To set up a Bluetooth file transfer between smartphones, tablets, and PCs, enable Bluetooth (and visibility). If a desktop or laptop is involved, set up (or pair) the mobile device to the computer

Connect iPhone to PC via Bluetooth. When your iPhone detect your PC device, tap on your PC device, it will send you a message to ask if the passkey is matched with the one on your iPhone. If it is matched, click on Yes. When your iPhone is connected with your Windows 10 computer via Bluetooth, then you can share photos or other files between them 2. A new window will appear. Click on the Transfer Device Photos to PC option, and you will then be able to save all photos on iPhone to your laptop. 3. Also, we can transfer iPhone photos to laptop selectively with Dr.Fone. From the main page of the software, choose the Photos tab Bluetooth enabled devices such as computers, mobile phones, handheld devices, etc. can connect wireless up to 30 feet distance. iPhone, along with many other devices, uses a standardized network protocol to facilitate the transfer iPhone files via Bluetooth over short distances; this creates an easy to share any type of files across the network Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn't automatically appear, click the device's name in the Photos sidebar. If asked, unlock your iOS or iPadOS.

Make sure your computer has Bluetooth capability (not all do) Ensure that neither are set to Airplane mode and make sure Bluetooth is turned on From your PC, click Start, then Settings, and Devices Choose Bluetooth and other Device Place your iPhone near your computer, then go to your computer's settings. Find and click Devices, then go to Bluetooth & Other Devices, then turn on the Bluetooth. Your PC will see all available devices near it. Select your iPhone and then from your iPhone, Allow the PC to pair with your device Win 10 PC can't complete Bluetooth file transfer from Phone but can send to phone. Bluetooth file transfers worked perfectly for the Phone and the Computer in question under Win 8.1 (Comp is a 3 month old Dell 8700 SE, phone is an older Samsung). I did a clean install of Win 10 after and have the latest Dell and Intel drivers

On your phone open the photo you wish to transfer. Under the options menu click Send. Choose send using Bluetooth. The phone will then send the photo wirelessly to your PC Hi Naranjan. I watched the video but the troubleshooting found no problems. Again the issue is that the files will not transfer via bluetooth. The laptop and the iPhone ARE paired/connected.As I said, the message I get is

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1. Firstly, go to your iPhone's home and visit its Control Panel to turn on Bluetooth. You can also go to it Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the feature on from here. Also, make sure that your iPhone is discoverable beforehand. 2. Now, place it near your computer and go to its Start menu AIRDROP For PC & Android - Have you ever wanted to transfer files from your friends Android phone to your iPhone or from a Mac to a PC and Visa Versa?Well no.. On a Mac, open Finder, select iPhone > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos to your device from > choose sync settings > Apply. In iTunes for Windows, click the phone icon > Photos. Select the box for Sync photos > choose sync settings > Apply. Another method is to enable syncing via iCloud or move your images to Google Photos 1 Open 'Photo Transfer' app and touch SEND button. 2 Touch the OTHER Device button. 3 Tap SELECT button to select photos you want to send than tap USE BLUETOOTH. Make sure that Receiving device is on the Receive screen (follow next steps to get there)

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  1. You don't, since there are much better ways to do that. Who uses Bluetooth for file transfers anymore? Not people with modern smartphones and computers, I hope. That's an ancient and (thankfully) outdated methodology. Bluetooth transfer of lots of..
  2. Wirelessly transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC. Step 1: On your iPhone, install the Photos Companion app by Microsoft (visit the App Store). Step 2: Open the built-in Photos app on your Windows 10 PC. Click the Imports button and then click From mobile over Wi-Fi option
  3. At the top of the Finder window, click Files, then do one of the following: Transfer from Mac to iPhone: Drag a file or a selection of files from a Finder window onto an app name in the list. Transfer from iPhone to Mac: Click the disclosure triangle beside an app name to see its files on your iPhone, then drag a file to a Finder window. To delete a file from iPhone, select it below an app.
  4. Connect iPhone to Windows 10 computer -> Allow it to access photos and videos. Open File Explorer -> select This PC in the left sidebar -> select your iPhone under it. Double click on the Internal Storage in the right pane to open it. Double click DCIM -> select all folders to copy or copy only the photos you want
  5. Solution 1: Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone 12 to PC Via USB Connection. The most common way is to transfer photos and videos from an iOS device by using File Explorer or Windows Explorer. But we could transfer all photos we need. And the films and other videos could not be transferred

Question: Q: Photos wont transfer to a HP computer. Hi Everyone, for the last 4 months I have had issues transferring my photos to my windows computer. Some photos are there some aren't. If you have iCloud Photos turned on, you need to download the original, full resolution versions of your photos to your iPhone before you import to your PC Open Settings on iPhone and go to Bluetooth.Turn it on. 2. Start Windows 10 laptop, make sure you have turned on your Bluetooth. Some laptops have a hardware button for Bluetooth. 3. Open Settings in Windows 10 and go to Devices. Turn on Bluetooth (If not already) and click Add Bluetooth or other device.Your laptop will search for a Bluetooth device (as you click Bluetooth on next Window) and. If you can't import pictures from iPhone because you can't view iPhone photos on PC or not all photos can be imported from iPhone to PC, here are the solutions you can try to fix the issue. If you are looking for a better way to transfer iPhone photos, try FonePaw DoTrans (opens new window) , which can import not only photos but also videos. Connect iPhone to computer. Run Xender app on your iPhone, tap on the + icon at the top right corner, choose Connect PC from the drop-down menu. You will see a screen like this. xender file transfer for iphone web addresses to connect pc. On the Connect PC screen, you get two web addresses, an alphabetical address and a numerical address

To transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC, start by using your phone's USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Once your devices are connected, unlock your phone and tap Trust or Allow when you see the message asking whether you trust this computer. Then, click the Start menu on your computer, followed by File Explorer. In Bluetooth & other devices settings, select Send or receive files via Bluetooth. In Bluetooth File Transfer, select Send files > choose the device you want to share to > Next. Select Browse > the file or files to share > Open > Next (which sends it) > Finish. On the receiving device, have your friend accept the file. See Receive a file over. Choose Bluetooth, then the Bluetooth menu appears. You can select a Bluetooth device here to send the media files to. Tap your computer name and pair LG phone to PC to start the transfer. If the computer to receive your file from phone was already paired, it would be on the list of PAIRED DEVICES. Tap the computer name to start the transfer Download and use these photo transfer apps if you need to transfer files between iPhone and iPad, backup from iPhone/Android to PC or want to share your photos on someone else's device. Transfer photo albums and gigabytes of videos from your travels or other interesting adventures to your PC with the best photo transfer app in one click Part 1: How to Backup iPhone 6/6s to Computer using dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS) One transfer tool that is very comfortable for you in case of transferring images from phone to computer is dr.fone - Phone Backup (iOS).Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can easily transfer all files including photos to computer with this phone transfer

Choose Photos option >> You will be able to see the photos of your iPhone. Choose all the photos or your desired photo and click on Export option (You will see this option on the top left menu bar) Once you click on Import, the photos will be store in your computer. So, these are the best 6 ways to fix unable to transfer photos from iPhone to PC Step 1: Plug your iPhone into your PC over the USB cable. Step 2: Open Photos app. This can be found by typing Photos into the search bar at the lower left corner of the screen in Windows 10. Step 3: Click the button at the top-right of the Photos app to import. You can click the three dots to get the text reminder USB Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC. Our smartphones can act as a USB storage device when connected to a computer. Therefore, you can make use of this conventional method of file transferring to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer without losing quality. Here is how to USB transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC easily

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Slide the Bluetooth toggle on - this will make your computer visible to other devices. Click on the Add Bluetooth of other device and let your PC detect the iPhone. This may take a while, so give it a couple of minutes. Finish the pairing process following the instructions both on you PC and on your iPhone. Step 3: Connect your PC to the. How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac: Yosemite or Later. Using your USB cable with Lightning Connector, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer. Open the Photos app on your Mac. If your connected device is locked, unlock it. You may see a prompt on your device asking you to Trust This Computer Step 2: Settings and tap the Bluetooth. The next thing you will need to do is go to the iPhone's home screen and then tap on Settings and then Bluetooth. After that, you will need to tap the Bluetooth button so as to toggle it from off to on. Once the Bluetooth turns on, the iPhone will start searching for the discoverable devices. Transfer iPhone Photos to PC Using iTunes. To transfer photos via a USB cable to a PC, you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed. Once you make sure that iTunes is up-to-date.

Method 4. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Selectively Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) is one such ultimate tool to transfer photos from an iPhone to Android phone easily. It can also transfer contacts, SMS, videos and music from your iPhone to Android. Transfer of files between iOS devices and PC is possible without using iTunes Tick on the photos that you want to transfer to the computer/laptop. Step 6: Click Export and then Export to PC and select a destination folder to save the photos. Close the application to finish the process. Alternatively, you can transfer all of the photos from LG to computer/laptop by 1 click Step 1. At your PC or laptop, look for the USB port. Step 2. Plug your iPhone's lightning cable into the USB port. Step 3. Once connected to the computer, your iPhone will prompt a menu. Tap Trust this PC on your iPhone to proceed. Step 4. In your computer, go to My Computer folder here

Six proven ways to help you transfer files from iPhone to PC. Whether you want to transfer photos, videos, music, PDFs, or documents, you can get things done using one of the tips below. The ways to transfer files from PC to iPhone are also provided. File transfer between an iPhone and a computer is needed often in our daily lives The most traditional way to transfer photos is by manual. Step 1: Connect your iPhone 11 to computer, tap ' Trust ' this computer on iPhone and wait until it appear as ' Portable Devices ' on computer. Step 2: Click on iPhone 11 icon to open and find the photo folder. Usually located under Internal Storage > DCIM To transfer photos from your Apple iPhone 5c to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Apple iPhone 5c has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use

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  1. From there you can just drag and drop to copy them off. Or install iCloud control panel (it's free) from Apple and there's an option to sync photos that way. I want to back up my entire IPhone 5s to my HP laptop. I'm stuck at the first step: open iTunes. I don't even know how to do that much
  2. Sign into iCloud on your computer. The process for this varies for Mac and Windows: Mac - Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Click the iCloud option. Sign in with your Apple ID. Toggle Contacts on. Windows - Download iCloud for Windows from Apple. Run the installer and log in with your Apple ID
  3. Part 1: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Dell Laptop. To successfully transfer all kinds of photos to the laptop, you will certainly need AnyTrans. AnyTrans could help you transfer photos, including photos in People, Places, Photo Stream, Photo Videos, Shared Albums from iPhone to Dell laptop without data loss. Here are more reasons you.
  4. Connect your iPhone to your computer. If the AutoPlay window appears, click Import pictures and videos using Windows. 2. Click the Import Settings link > In the results window, you can change the folder where you want to import photos of your camera roll by clicking the Browse button next to the Import to field. 3

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Saving photos from your Samsung phone or tablet is a great way to make sure your photos are safe and sound. The steps on this page will help you save photos from your Samsung device to a Windows computer. If your computer is running macOS, you'll need to install Android File Transfer to save your photos to your Mac - but the steps on this page should help you to navigate the file directory of. Now, you can easily transfer the iPhone data to the Pixel phone with these 3 methods. Way 4. How to Transfer Files from Pixel to PC via Bluetooth. The last way you can try is sending photos, music, contacts, messages, etc., from your Google Pixel to your computer over Bluetooth Here is the guide on how to transfer photos from PC to iPad with iPad Photo Transfer: Step 1: Run the software on your computer, and then connect your iPad to computer via a USB cable. Step 2: Go to the Photos section then click Add icon on the top Mar 20, 2018. Flag as inappropriate. Can I transfer photos from iPad to my new MacBook Pro with USB-C to Lightning Cable. Asked about: USB-C to Lightning Cable (2 m) Answer now. (Can I transfer photos from iPad to my new MacBook Pro with USB-C to Lightning Cable) 1 Answer

To transfer photos from your LG G7 ThinQ to your computer via email, you need to make sure your LG G7 ThinQ has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use With the default Photos app (or iPhoto on OS X 10.10.3 before), you can transfer photos from your iPhone 6s (Plus) to computer on an Apple Mac. You should remember that only photos in Camera Roll can be transferred, and it would be time-consuming to find only a few pictures among 1,000 pictures or more in Camera Roll with Photos program Transfer photos from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iTouch or Android Device to your Windows 8. 1 Verify that both devices are connected to the same wifi network.. 2 Start Photo Transfer App on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is important to start Photo Transfer App on your iOS or Android device before starting it on your Windows 8 device.. 3 Launch Photo Transfer App on your.

Asked about: Thunderbolt 3 (USB‑C) Cable (0.8 m) Answer now. (can i transfer photos or video to my mac from my samsung galaxy using the thunderbolt) No answers yet. Can I transfer photos/videos from my iPhone/iPad albums onto a standard USB Thumb Drive using this USB-C to USB Adaptor? Asked by Teck Kiang W from Melaka How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using iTunes. Apple Inc. designed iTunes as an all-in-one software for managing everything iOS (including iOS 14/13/12/11). Being a single multimedia suite for your entire Apple devices' needs, iTunes can easily transfer iPhone photos and videos to laptop without any hassle

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How to Mirror an iPhone to a Windows 10 PC or Laptop As mentioned, there is a QuickTime for Windows. However, QuickTime 7 for Windows is not supported by Apple anymore, so the method might not work If you get this message, there's a way to solve it without giving up and having to end up buying something to import your photos from iPhone to the PC. Go to you're iPhones settings, scroll down to - Photos - scroll down to - TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC - which most likely is set to - Automatic - all you have to do is switch it to - Keep. The Simple Transfer app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows computers. On your computer, you can install the Simple Transfer desktop app. Or you can use a web browser to access the transfer options. The Simple Transfer app (or web browser) on your computer lets you select the images you want to download

Photo Transfer App allows you to quickly copy photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC using your local wifi network. With over 10,000 5-star reviews in the App Store, thousands of happy users, and millions of photo transfers, this app is an indispensable tool for your iOS device MacOS. Step 1: Plug your phone into your computer — either using a 30-pin-to-USB ( iPhone 4S or older) or Lightning-to-USB cable — the same way you would if you transferring music from an iPod.

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Windows PC- Connect your iPhone to PC or laptop with a USB cable > In the AutoPlay popup, click Import Pictures and Videos > Select a destination for the iPhone photos > Click Import. Mac- Connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable > Launch iPhoto > Select the photos you wish to transfer > Click Import or Import Selected Import to the Photos app. Connect your iPhone to Mac using a USB or USB-C cable. Now, open the Photos app on your Mac. Click your device's name in the sidebar. If prompted, unlock your iPhone and tap Trust to continue. Now select the pictures or videos you want to import to your Mac, then click Import x Selected

Plug your iPad into your Windows PC. You can connect via USB or through Wi-Fi Sync. In iTunes on the PC, click the iPad button in the top left-hand corner. Click File Sharing, select an app from the list, and then do the following: Select the file that you want to transfer, and click Save To . Then, choose where you want to save the file. Here's how to transfer photos from ZTE phone to computer via Google Photos: Step 1: On your ZTE phone, download the Google Photos app from the Google Play store and log into it with your Google account. Step 2: To transfer all the photos, you can tap the three-dash icon on the top-left corner and tap Settings , then enable Back up & sync

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Using a Windows PC, but sending file over Bluetooth: Visit www.icloud.com on a Bluetooth enabled laptop and log in with your Apple ID; Open Contacts Select the contacts you wish to transfer to your Jolla; Click on the settings icon and 'export vCard' Save the exported file to a known location Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone - Internet 1. Email. Email is one of the most obvious ways to transfer Photos to iPhone from pretty much any device. Sure, there are some limitations with this method like a 25MB file cap in Gmail but it can come in handy in situations where other methods would fail Step 3: Connect iPhone to Printer to Print. Choose the number of copies or other options, like which pages you want to print. And then tap Print in the upper-right corner. In order to preview the iPhone content, you can double click the Home Button and tap Printer Center. Tips: In order to cancel a print job, you can double click the Home.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please observe as I perform a magic trick: Today I will transfer photos from my phone to my PC—without a cable! Normally a magician doesn't reveal his secrets, but today not only will I reveal how this trick works, I'll do so with an easy to follow step-by-step guide By default, iPhoto is a photo management program which comes standard on every Mac computer. But if you want change your Mac computer to Windows PC, then you need to transfer you all data from Mac to Windows PC. The most important thing is your photos and videos. You can transfer all your photos from iPhoto to Windows with simple steps Keep the best moments. Conveniently store your favourite photos on your Mac or PC. Drag and drop any pictures or videos from your iPhone and iPad to your computer - iMazing will even convert Apple's new image format (HEIC) to JPEG if needed. No risky iCloud storage or confusing import procedures. Save what you need, just where you want Hanly Jue. if your're using Android phone: and all of your photos stored in your memory card, then just connect your phone to computer via USB, then copy photos to your computer. If you're using iOS iPhone: That method will not be effective as iTunes don'es allow people copy files from iPhone to computer. But you can use some other app: here is.

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How to sync photos from iPhone XR/XS (Max) to computer. Step 1. Launch Transfer Program. No doubt that first thing we should do is download and settle down iPhone Transfer software. Next, we need to connect iPhone to computer as usual. And we need to check if it connected well. Few seconds later, a main window will come up as stample below I used something called photo transfer,works well with Bluetooth or wifi. Of course,I mostly transfer pictures this way. For more useful file transfer,I move files to a sandisk iXpand drive,with the free companion app,all my idevices and (withouth app) any Mac or pc can read the same files,as the iXpand has both lightning and USB connection. C

Step 1 Download, install and launch the program, the user then needs to attach the device to the computer, so that the program detects it with ease. Step 2 The user needs to click the photos on the top. You will see a new interface, then click +Add and select Add File or Add folder to add photo from pc to iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus) easily Step 2: On your Windows device, go to Start > Settings and open the Bluetooth app. Check to see if your Android device is visible and click on Pair. Step 3: In the Add a Device window, select your Android smartphone or tablet and click on Next. You will see an authentication code on both devices

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to PC. To begin with, launch the FoneDog Phone Transfer software. Next, connect the PC where the file you want to transfer is found to the iPhone where you want to transfer those files. You can do this in any way you like, but we strongly suggest using a USB cable for a more stable connection How to Send Files from Mobile to PC via Bluetooth and Viceversa | AllTop9.com How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android: 3 Methods. No longer do you need to manually copy contacts from one device to another. Time has rolled by and today transferring contacts from the iPhone to Android requires only a few steps. So, if you are looking for an answer on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, keep reading Transfer photos to a MAC. In the same manner as for the PC, the initial step is to connect the Alcatel to the Mac via the USB cable. Then choose Multimedia Device or USB Storage in the notification bar of your Alcatel. When completed, you can open the Finder on your Mac and you should find the Alcatel appear in the list of devices on the left iTunes 12: How to Transfer Photos From PC to iPhone, iPod or iPad. By Mitch Bartlett 12 Comments. Apple iTunes 12 is different than what most users are used to. Learning how to transfer photos to the iPhone, iPod or iPad can be a daunting task for those who are used to the old way of doing things. Here's how it's done