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Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Oder Today Line Breeding vs Inbreeding. Inbreeding is the mating of animals that are closely related to each other. Outcrossing is the mating of animals that are totally unrelated. Somewhere in the middle lies line breeding. What constitutes inbreeding and what constitutes line breeding is in the eye of the breeder. Line breeding is highly strategized. LET'S TALK LINEBREEDING! One of the most bandied about terms among Basset Hound breeders today seems to be linebreeding. Despite its widespread use, however, linebreeding is frequently misunderstood and miscommunicated; in fact, it is not altogether uncommon for an outcrossed pedigree to be mistakenly viewed as linebreeding by the novice A beginners guide to inbreeding and line breeding My thanks to Sue Bowling for allowing me to quote extensively from her article First and foremost I should emphasise that line breeding is the cornerstone of selective breeding LINEBREEDING: Line breeding is the concentration of valuable characteristics. It allows some control over families. This method requires one of the selected parents having one or more common ancestors in the pedigree in the last several (5-6) generations. These ancestors themselves may be a successful line-breeding of outstanding individuals

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Line breeding for experienced game cockers produce excellent offspring with no loss of vigor or gameness. Old school Gamefowl cockers were able to beat the system so to speak by loading the dice for the inbreeding process—all textbooks on poultry genetics will tell you that inferior results will result from an inbreeding system Line breeding is a way to try and take the isolation of a specific characteristic to another level. So you're saying you've got this dog that either looks a specific way or behaves a specific way and you're trying to really breed within that line to accentuate those characteristics even more. Is line breeding always a bad thing The idea of line breeding is to concentrate specific genetic traits into the herd. That concentration of the gene pool should lead to what Fry describes as a paternal cow herd. By breeding that. Line Breeding Chart For Dogs. AKC Line Breeding Rules. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a registry of purebred dogs in the United States that promotes events and shows for dogs. To meet the rules of AKC, the first thing a breeder should consider is that the dam and sire are both registered with the club because only then can the litter be.

5. Line breed. This is a form of breeding where two rabbits are breed together, then the offspring back to the parents. From the offspring's litters breed two together. Just keep working down the line, after a few generations down, cull and keep the best. Below is a line breeding chart to show how this is done, the first two should be unrelated Inbreeding Coefficient Calculator. The Coefficient Of Inbreeding, or COI, commonly labeled F and expressed as a percent, is a measure of the amount of consanguinity in an individual's ancestry, in other words, how closely related its parents are. This tool allows you to calculate the inbreeding coefficient of a pedigree

The line-breeding chart to the left shows a common method of crossing a paternal (buck) and maternal (doe) line. Blue represents the paternal line and red represents the maternal line. A (buck) and B (doe) are the two original rabbits the breeder is starting with. A and B are bred together, producing the litter C (doe) and D (buck) Breeding - A beginners guide to inbreeding and line breeding. Animal Care College - caring for people caring for animals . My thanks to Sue Bowling for allowing me to quote extensively from her article. First and foremost I should emphasise that line breeding is the cornerstone of selective breeding Outcrossing is the breeding of two rabbits from unrelated lines. Inbreeding is breeding brother to sister. Inbreeding is a great way to set the characteristics of the sire and dam. When you inbreed, you have a greater chance of genes lining up, both good and bad. When you inbreed, cull heavily, only keeping what you are really. The line breeding is more than just lines on a chart, you have to have sound stock in each generation for it to be successful and it is not necessary to keep each generation, as once they are mated back to the original, you may choose to disguard them, if you want

line-breeding charts. Tags line breeding. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. M. minister man · Registered. Joined Mar 13, 2012 · 87 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 28, 2015. does anyone actually use a line-breeding chart like we see all over the internet? or are they outdated now?. Line-breeding: Line-breeding implies the pairing or grouping together of related individuals and is a form of inbreeding. There is a distinction between in-breeding and line-breeding. The is not a clear line in the sand that divides the two methods 2) Try line breeding (safe form of inbreeding in my estimation) 3) Try inbreeding. 4) Select, select, select (if you can't select, then NO system will work)--this is the KEY element of breeding poultry, period. Photo by George Mihalik. 5) Don't be afraid to change the plan IF need be. Inbreeding depression, infertility, etc There are so many questions that come up when you are trying to breed for improvement in your herd. This is never a quick, simple answer. It takes a lot of y..

Facebook Page: Joel Regalario - https://www.facebook.com/Joel-Regalario-30661601021634 Line breeding is done all the time. There are flocks out there with no new source of blood for over 50 years. The reason it works is culling any and all defects. Keeping only best birds for breeding. Reply. Jan 8, 2013 #6 BRITROCK In the Brooder. 8 Years. Dec 23, 2011 44 18 33. H First breeding, N=4, to a sire with an open pedigree. Pups produced: 1 with a white coat, 2 with undershot jaws, 1 dysplastic, and 4 of poor quality Note 2. Second breeding, N=5, A line breeding. The pups: 2 of 8 died of heart problems, 2 had missing pre molars, and 1 was dysplastic, all of average quality Note 3 Making your Own Line of Birds. If you are familiar with showing and breeding then you will almost certainly recognise the reference to a 'line' or a 'strain' and this becomes immediately obvious when you start to look at show winners. A particular exhibitor will have a row of birds all appearing exactly the same, and in fact the average. Chicken Breed Chart to Help Choose Your Chicken Chicken Breed Picture Bird Size lb. Egg Color and Size Cold Hardy Behavior Brooding/Best Coop Recommendation Egg Laying Ameraucana 4-5 blue yes well adaptable to confinement or free range; mostly calm, non-aggressive occasional brooder Best coop: GGC Chic Mobile for 8-12 bird

Sheep Breeding Management Guide: Introduction to Sheep Breeding Management Practices:- Commercial sheep farmers should have basic idea of sheep breeding information. Knowledge, skill and efforts ensure success in sheep farming business. The following write-up details about sheep breeding practices, methods of mating and reproduction parameters After breeding, it takes about 150 days for full-size goats to kid. Miniature goats have a more extended gestation period of about 155 days. Hypothermia is a significant risk for kids born in winter in cold climates. Setting a do not breed before date based on your climate, is a good idea

Looking For Line Breeding? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out Line Breeding on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Dec 30, 2014 - line breeding / inbreeding / outcrossing chart. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select line breeding / inbreeding / outcrossing chart. Ultimately every breeder must make the decision they feel is best for their herd regarding how tightly they breed their rabbits. We do practice line breeding with moderation and willingness to cull hard if a poor pairing appears. With our Astrex program we must do tight breeding to a certain. Understanding Line Breeding, In-Breeding and Scatter Breeding A line is a family that is inter-connected by breeding close relatives who all have ancestors in common within the first three generations of each parent's pedigree. A line reproduces family traits such as soundness, health, size, body structure, temperament, eye color, coat type, colo 2) LINEBREEDING. We move on to the middle ground option. Linebreeding tends to be the chosen route of most competition breeders for most matings (unless, as mentioned above, they wish to breed out a negative trait in their line and need lots of fresh blood in to do this). Line breeding is selcting two dogs to mate who share many of the same lines

My chart works well for breeding my Siamese rats, but of course others will have a different set of priorities. I'll give an example here but remember, it is just a guide. I like to start by evaluating the animal I would like to breed, be it a male or a female. I find it helpful to begin by filling out column A of the chart on the next page Linebreeding tends to preserve the traits of a family of dogs or bloodline while at the same time keeping a good diversity in the gene pool. Linebreeding produces more consistent litters assuring uniformity of the quality valued by the breeder without risking the hereditary dangers of inbreeding. When linebreeding, it is usually recommended to.

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Pigeon Breeding - Correct Line Breeding, Fixing Champion Blood. The young fancier and perhaps the old fancier, too, may desire a little knowledge upon the important subject of pigeon breeding, in particular line breeding, or, in any case, a system by means of which they can establish a line of speedy birds, likely to win in the best of company A big part of breeding purebred dogs is breeding for consistency in temperament, type, drive etc. So how does linebreeding fit in to this? Linebreeding can quickly and easily set type within a line, which will create more consistent offspring in the above mentioned traits. It can also mean high levels of inbreeding, but not necessarily Colors are confusing to say the least. You wish there was a chart that would list what color could be bred to what! A chart that says you can breed a tri to these colors but not to these other colors. Or tells you the potential outcomes of crossing an orange with a tort title Line Breeding Chart. Line breeding is the way to keep the blood line going but with it you do have to keep up to date records otherwise it will not work. The plan below may help if you are pairing red to red ivory Linebreeding is a term commonly used to describe milder forms of inbreeding. Typically it involves arranging matings so that one or more relatives occur more than once in a pedigree, while avoiding close inbreeding. Note that many dog breeders apply the term inbreeding only to close inbreeding, despite the fact that linebreeding is a form.

The chart above assumes that the COI of the common ancestor is zero. The range of COIs in the relationship chart is a result of full siblings or half siblings from the common ancestor(s). See charts below: Click to enlarge Currently Recommended COI. Inbreeding: 12.5% - 100%; Close line breeding: 6.3% - 3.1%; Line breeding: 3.1% - 1.6 Dog Genetics 4.1: Inbreeding Calculator, Detailed Instructions and Interpretation The Inbreeding Calculator is provided to breeders as a simple and rapid tool for calculating the inbreeding coefficient of an animal based on its pedigree. It is designed to be helpful in performing virtual breeding trials as an aid in making management decisions Norman Method--Line Breeding. This method relies on line breeding the broodfowls before crossing. Line-breeding is inbreeding mates to one individual broodfowl. And in each generation, the breeder double ups the genes of the offspring. By line-breeding we try to produce individual(s) as genetically as close to the original broodfowl sire as.

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Linebreeding reduces genetic variance and increases predictability at the direct expense of random chance. This is a drop in the proverb­ial bucket compared with all there is to know about. Line breeding is common practice among most domesticated and indeed undomesticated animals throughout the world. There are even specific references in the Bible explaining how some races were established. A small number of alpaca breeders have ventured down the path of linebreeding, however, the topic linebreeding is relatively. Line breeding is the process of breeding closely related animals, usually father to daughter or mother to son, in an effort to improve individual traits.Inbreeding is the same as line breeding but the animals are much more closely related, typically brother and sister.Nearly all animals have been inbred or line bred at some point, and rabbits are no exception.In fact every breed of.

The line-breeding chart to the left shows a common method of crossing a paternal (buck) and maternal (doe) line. Blue represents the paternal line and red represents the maternal line. A (buck) and B (doe) are the two original rabbits the breeder is starting with. A and B are bred together, producing the litter C. Equineline.com, the industry leader for complete, comprehensive, accurate and timely pedigree, racing information and more Douglas talks about recent legislation in the US, In-Breeding vs Line Breeding and more.thegamefowlshow.comStock Footage: Videezy.comStock Music: Bensound.co

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Three techniques are used when breeding guppies: INBREEDING: Mating close relatives such as brother to sister, mother to son, father to daughter, etc. LINE BREEDING: Breeding two separate lines branching from the original trio with eventual backcrossing or the breeding of distant relatives such as half siblings, cousins to cousins, etc In the chapters on inbreeding and line breeding the diagrams always start with a #1 cock and a #2a hen, our foundation pair. The reason that my strategies involve working with the descendents to start the inbreeding program starts with the two foundation birds and not the ancestors is because most people do not have all the ancestors

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This chart can be used as a line-breeding chart or for establishing a strain when only one bird of the wanted mutant is available. First Cousin Program First Cousin Program - The objective of this program is to blend two pairs of excellent pigeons equally. This method is more useful for pedigreed animals or animals or exceptional quality This is inbreeding through line breeding and out crossing by crossing two line bred strains. The possibilities are endless when you maintain enough stock. 3. Breed some of the oldest stock to some of the youngest stock even when they are close bred. and used to guide the breeding program in future breeding seasons. Only through experience. Line-breeding RabbitsColor Genetics, Cool Tips, Rabbit Care / By Ellyn Line is Fine If you are starting out, you may have heard of line breeding rabbits. Perhaps you've seen a line breeding chart and perhaps it didn't make much sense. When I started in rabbits I often heard, you'll do..

The coefficient of inbreeding is the probability of inheriting two copies of the same allele from an ancestor that occurs on both sides of the pedigree. These alleles are identical by descent. The inbreeding coefficient is also the fraction of all of the genes of an animal that are homozygous (two copies of the same allele) Gamefowl Breeding Guide. The breeding of the fighting cocks is a very pleasant activity that can give you great satisfactions but it's also long and tedious and requires a full time attention. If you don't have the time for it, don't dedicate yourself to the breeding Oct 10, 2012 - Contact us with your meat pen rabbit needs for your upcoming county fairs, youth and open shows. Champion quality breeders available as well

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  1. Line breeding is the first step to begin a new blood line. Pick a registered stud and dam to breed. Both of these dogs should have good pedigrees. These will be the foundation dogs of your blood line. Consider the qualities you are breeding for such as temperament, bone structure and head size. Breed these dogs and keep a female from the litter
  2. For example, the lambs born from the third breeding cycle are C/A, C/B, C/C, C/AB, and C/AC. The C/C lambs are 100% of line C and the C/AC lambs are 75% of line C, so you can simply call both groups C. At the fourth breeding cycle, you return to the line A ram, who replaced his father after the first breeding cycle
  3. Line Breeding. Line breeding is a term that breeders use to denote a family of inbred rats that begins with a single or pair of foundation rats. Rat's within a line will have the same (or closely) lineage. Lineage is defined by Merriam-Webster as: 1 a: descent in a line from a common progenito
  4. Linebreeding definition is - the interbreeding of individuals within a particular line of descent usually to perpetuate desirable characters
  5. Line-Breeding - The Gold Standard of German Shepherd Breeding. Line-breeding, not to be confused with inbreeding, is when a German Shepherd sire and dam have familial ties. For the pups' best health and temperament, line-breeding must not be closer than three generations. It must also stay within 12 to 14 generations out
  6. Breeding Techniques. This article will touch upon some of the most common breeding methods and practices involved in breeding pigeons, namely line-breeding, cross-breeding and inbreeding, and how each of these relates and may be used in conjunction with one another. The aim is to give you an idea of what is involved without a heavy science lesson
  7. Breeding & Earning in Axie Infinity Like real-world pets, Axies can be bred to create new offspring. These offspring battle, breed new offspring, or can be sold on our marketplace. In order to manage the Axie population, breeding has certain resource requirements
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  1. Line breeding is the breeding of genetically related cats that are not inbred, such as cats that have related cats in the pedigree, but are not the result of inbreeding. Inbreeding and line breeding are, however, not recommended unless you are extremely familiar with the lines behind the cats and their compatibility within a breeding program
  2. As with selective breeding in any (or most) species of animals, there are a few well-documented methodologies that can be put into practice when breeding racing pigeons, namely, line-breeding, inbreeding and crossbreeding
  3. Line-breeding demands that your selection process be extremely rigid. A still born or abnormal calf is reason to send the cow to the packing house. With serious consideration the bull go too. (especially after two dead calves). Sounds tuff I know, but after it is done correctly, line-breeding will produce improved cattle
  4. -Doe Breeding Cards: This is important. Tells you at a glance who was bred to who and when. Tells you at a glance who was bred to who and when. Easy reference to look up kits' birth dates, as well as to keep track of which of your does consistently produce nice offspring
  5. ate structural and health problems. from their dogs. It is the breeding together of dogs that have a well bred superior common ancestor who has attributes that the breeder is attempting to reproduce and.
  6. Intense linebreeding is a pre-biotechnology breeding programme that can be used to create a near clone.. By repeatedly mating a male to his female descendants a farmer can create an almost identical genetic twin of the male. For example, in Figure 20, 93.75% of individual G's genes come from individual A

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Out-breeding Within pure-breeding, there are several types of mating systems. Out-breeding is the mating of animals of the same breed, but which have no closer relationship than at least 4 to 6 generations. Outbreeding is the recommended breeding practice for most purebred sheep breeders. etc. Line breeding is a mild form of inbreeding Line-breeding can be carried on for many many generations without deleterious effects on the line or breed as long as the individuals involved have few hidden genetic disorders. Out-Crossing - Out-crossing in terms of pure-bred dogs is the breeding of unrelated dogs. On a pedigree no names will be repeated within the first 5 generations The way breeds and lines of livestock are formed is by one ranch dedicating itself to producing quality animals with certain characteristics. When they reach uniformity in their herd, through linebreeding, they title their livestock as a line or breed. Often the way they get uniformity within the breed or line is by breeding animals that have. Line Breeding Line breeding is a less intensive form of inbreeding than close breeding. The object of line breeding is to keep the offspring related to an outstanding animal, usually male, which had desired characteristics. It aims to avoid some of the dangers attendant with close breeding. Uses of Line Breeding

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Breeding Preparation. We start preparing the breeding at the end of January and beginning of February, estimating that the process will last 1,5-2 months and will be complete when both canaries are ready to mate, when they are triggered. Nutrition The male in fig. 2 has the desired breeding necessary for a foundation male. He is a son of F1972, another line bred 300- egg female. He has given excellent results. He has a long, level back, deep breast and abdomen, and is very broad. The pedigree of a foundation male should be scanned very closely Line Breeding via a Spiral Breeding Program. 3 breeding trios of the selected variety. 3 breeding pens (minimum), bachelor pen, juvenile quarters. Detailed journal/records. Wing Bands or Toe Punching/Leg Banding to identify birds from hatch. To accomplish spiral breeding, you will need at least 3 breeding pens and a bachelor pen along with grow.

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Line Breeding Explained by Stephen Neil Kwartler Reprinted from an article I wrote of the IFGA Bulletin several years ago. The past several days I have been looking over some articles that have appeared in our publication over the past few years. Most of the material is of great value to the guppy hobbyist and breeder In the world of pedigree dogs, there is a fine line between line-breeding and inbreeding. Successful inbreeding is simply called line-breeding. Of course, every breed of dog we have today was produced by line-breeding, which is the art of mating closely related dogs together to fix in their genetic make-up the qualities or conformation the.

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  1. Pedigree Chart Templates. A pedigree chart is a list of information about your ancestral knowledge in the form of a chart. A Pedigree chart is used among humans as well as in animal husbandry. It is useful in tracking the genealogical information about an animal breed. You can quickly get the details about a family using a pedigree chart template
  2. Breeding Matters III - Inbreeding vs. Line Breeding . About the author fencing Extended grazing season Farm finances Fencing forage goats Grass based dairy Grass fed beef Grass growth Grazing Grazing chart Grazing management Greg Judy Holistic management Intensive grazing livestock Low-stress animal handling Mob grazing NatGLC NRCS Oregon.
  3. The Basis of Linebreeding is the product of a lifetime of interest in linebreeding and the study of the work of the well-known Hereford breeding firm of Gudgell & Simpson who were masters of linebreeding. There are other books written by academics which are generally of a more technical nature and often of little value to the everyday breeder
  4. Cattle gestation table based on 283 days gestation. This is a generality, but usually younger cows and the smaller breeds of cows will calve up to 10 days earlier than shown. Cows who are older or belong to one of the larger breeds may calve up to 10 days later. Cattle longevity or lifespan is about 9 to 12 years
  5. The other Eevee-lutions can learn Wish via breeding (which doesn't help us much), but so too can the Pikachu/Raichu line. Since they straddle two egg groups we can now look in the Fairy group for compatible Pokémon, where we find Togetic , learning Wish at level 28
  6. The ABHA is young breed, and as such there is a race to add new genetics. Everyone wants to add that big named bull, or even mix some Angus in. However, most highly successful programs in the AHA have been line bred. Remitall, Felton, Prospector, Holden, Cooper, etc. Because of the show ring, it seems like there is a push to always use the new.
  7. a system of pedigree breeding used for domestic breeds of agricultural animals. Linebreeding is based on the rational use in a number of generations of the valuable qualities of individuals of outstanding merit (see [in genetics]).To establish a line, a foundation sire is selected from individuals of the greatest merit; selection is based on an evaluation of the progeny

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  1. Selection of breeding stock, the pedigree analysis and the styles of breeding are all tools that a breeder can use to develop his bloodline of dogs. High standards, diligent pedigree research and honest evaluation of the dogs the breeder is producing are also essential to guide the breeder to a successful program
  2. You can use line-breeding with the stud you got you female from. Linebreeding in American Bully XLs . Breeders want to consistently produce puppies with similar features if their kennel is producing good dogs. Linebreeding is the process of breeding closely related dogs to get consistent features in the resulting litter
  3. gs. Most notable is the importance it places on memory and knowing the names and titles.

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  1. line breeding - Page 1. Linebreeding is a variety of 'inbreeding' and is common in dog pedigrees, or any other livestock where the. characteristics of a breed or strain need to be fixed and maintained. Dog breeders have the choice of either. mating related animals (linebreeding / inbreeding), or mating 'unrelated' animals of their same breed
  2. Kenny Troiano is a Master Breeder of American Games and teacher of Poultry Genetics, and in all areas of the Laws of Inheritance. It's no secret that breeding is both an art and a science. The question is, what's better - pure gamefowl or hybrids? If you are a gamefowl breeder, I can show you how to breed higher quality strains by using proven breeding programs
  3. Australian Shepherd Color Chart. As unique as their colors, so is their breeding. Breeding particular coat colors together will result in what range of coloring the litter will have. Red Factor (RF) refers to whether or not the Aussie carries the red colored coat gene. If both parents carry the RF gene, they can produce Red Merle, and Red coats.
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Inbreeding or line breeding is usually associated with the pedigree cat world, as breeders of pedigree cats sometimes use inbreeding or line breeding as tools to establish desirable traits within the bloodline of the cats, and this is especially the case during the formative stages of the establishment of a new breed Breed Date Buck Nest box Date (28) Due Date (31) Kindled Date # Born Alive # Born Dead # Kits Weaned 8-week Weight Comments Brick House Acres Rabbitry - www.BHArabbitry.weebly.com . Author: King Created Date Line breeding generally means that you are breeding distantly related animals, but there isn't any official percentage that separates line breeding and inbreeding. Most people would agree that breeding first degree relatives is inbreeding, but beyond that, it's rather gray To make your own: Print out a Breeding Board on standard paper, then laminate or place in a plastic page protector. Attach to a clipboard. Write info with a Sharpie or permanent marker. You can erase the board with nail polish remover, WD-40, or Goo-gone once the info has been recorded. TIP: When a litter is born, record the info, then write. Line breeding (breeding closely related animals) can quickly improve a herd because the good qualities of the animals get accentuated. BUT the bad qualities are also accentuated. Because of this, you have to think about what you are doing, look at the animals and use your head

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Many peole that conlony breed bird with have line breeding and in breeding happening in their aviaries unless they have very strick ways of stoping it. This topic is in no way meant to promote line breeding but to explain how and why. Member of the Pine Rivers Budgerigar Society Inc. Wells Family Budgerigars. Berserka Line breeding will either 1. bring out the best qualities that each parent posess and make them better in the offspring, or 2. be a wreck. Then it is called inbreeding. I have bred to father to daughter with pigs and boer goats with no ill effects. However, if there is a bad trait, it too will be accentuated To breed ball pythons, you need to get the necessary equipment. This includes an egg box, perlite or vermiculite substrate, and an incubator. To avoid health problems, make sure that your ball pythons are old enough and large enough to breed before you attempt to get them to mate. Temperature cycle both the male and female through the winter. Inbreeding is the mating of individuals that are related. In the broad sense, all members of a breed are related. As a result, any seed stock producer is practicing some inbreeding. Therefore, we generally reserve the term inbreeding for the mating of animals that are more closely related than the average of the breed. Genetic and Phenotypic. Many breeders of purebred poultry use line breeding with their flocks. A more complicated, yet more effective way to line breed is to Spiral Breed. To do this, maintain three lines - Line A, Line B, Line C. For Season 1, mate all males to females of their own line. Daughters of Season 1 are added as breeders t

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Focused line-breeding builds more consistent and predictable genetics for us and our customers. Our goal, through line-breeding, is to produce a closely related cowherd that displays a high degree of desired traits. At Manzano Angus, these desired traits are well documented but worth repeating Lautner Farms - AMERICA’S #1 SIRE- I-80 ( NOW RETAILING @ $40 ) CALL US TODAY AND ADD HIM TO YOUR BREEDING LINE UP! 800-515-3284! Lautner Farms - NEW PRICE FOR AMERICA’S #1 SIRE I-80, NOW FOR $35- CALL US TODAY AND ADD HIM TO YOUR BREEDING LINE UP! 800-515-3284 hi Teresa, i am a south African, breeding on BOER GOAT.In fact i am crossing my indeginous breed to pure Boer goats with a view to breed Stud herd soon. Very interested ib keeping meticulous record as you so impressively seem to be doing out there. kindly email me the word version of the spreadsheet with the tail count part. Thanks